10 Hidden Treasure of Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is home to a wealth of hidden treasures that often go overlooked by visitors and tourists. From hidden temples to secret markets, there’s no shortage of interesting and unique places to explore in this vibrant city.

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10 Hidden Treasures Of Taipei

1. Baoan Temple

Located in the old city center of Taipei, Baoan Temple is one of the oldest and most important temples in Taiwan. Built in 1742, it has long been a place of worship for locals and is dedicated to Baosheng Dadi, the God of Medicine. The temple is filled with colorful statues and decorations depicting various gods and goddesses from Chinese mythology. It also has several shrines dedicated to local deities, making it an interesting place to visit for those interested in Chinese culture and history.

2. Lin Family Mansion

Located in the Beitou District of Taipei, the Lin Family Mansion is a grand old mansion that was once owned by one of Taiwan’s wealthiest families. It has since been converted into a museum, showcasing centuries-old furniture, artifacts, and art pieces from the Lin family’s collection. Visitors can also explore the garden area around the mansion which includes several ponds and trails.

3. Beitou Hot Springs

Located in northern Taipei, Beitou Hot Springs is a popular spot for locals to relax and unwind. The area features numerous hot springs pools where visitors can soak up the natural minerals from the thermal waters. There are also several public baths available for visitors who wish to enjoy the hot springs without having to rent a private room or cabin.

4. National Revolutionary Martyrs Shrine

Situated on the outskirts of Taipei City, this shrine commemorates hundreds of fallen soldiers from Taiwan’s wars with Japan and China over the past century. Inside, visitors can view sculptures and plaques honoring those who lost their lives during these battles as well as explore several halls dedicated to different aspects of Taiwanese history such as literature and art.

5. Longshan Temple

One of Taipei’s oldest temples, Longshan Temple was first built in 1738 by settlers from mainland China who moved to the island of Taiwan during their escape from Manchuria forces in 1683. Today, it stands as an important religious center for locals who come here to pray and make offerings to various gods and goddesses from Chinese mythology. The temple is also known for its ornate architecture which features intricate carvings and colorful sculptures adorning its walls.

6. Raohe Night Market

Located in Songshan District near Taipei City Hall, Raohe Night Market is one of the most popular night markets in the city. Here visitors can find all sorts of food stalls offering delicious Taiwanese snacks such as stinky tofu, bubble tea, oyster omelettes and other local delicacies at very reasonable prices. There are also plenty of shops selling clothing, souvenirs, accessories and more at bargain prices so it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for some good deals!

7. Maokong Gondola

Located on the outskirts of Taipei City near Maokong Mountain Park, this gondola offers breathtaking views of the city below as it slowly ascends over 4 km up into the mountainside village of Maokong where visitors can explore tea plantations as well as traditional tea houses serving all sorts of Taiwanese delicacies such as bubble tea, mochi ice cream or even freshly brewed tea straight from local farmers!

8. Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

Located on the northern coast of Taiwan near Tamsui Town, this small fishing port is full of colorful boats bobbing in the water as well as numerous seafood restaurants where visitors can sample some delicious local seafood dishes such as oyster omelettes or steamed clams! Visitors can also take a leisurely boat ride around nearby islands or explore some nearby attractions such as Lover’s Bridge or Fort San Domingo which was built by Spanish missionaries back in 1628!

9. Ximending Shopping District

This vibrant shopping district located near downtown Taipei has been popular among locals since its opening back in 2008 due to its wide variety of shops selling everything from clothes to electronics at incredibly low prices! Ximending is also home to numerous restaurants serving up all sorts of delicious Taiwanese dishes such as beef noodle soup or bubble tea – perfect for refueling after a long day spent shopping!

10. Elephant Mountain

Located near downtown Taipei, Elephant Mountain (or Xiangshan) offers beautiful views over the city skyline from its peak which stands at 377 meters above sea level! The mountain can be easily reached by taking a short hike up its stairs or taking advantage of its cable car system which will take you right up to its peak! Once at the top you can admire stunning views over downtown Taipei before heading back down for some well-deserved refreshments at one of the many restaurants located nearby!

What You Also Cannot Miss Taipei, Taiwan?

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is an iconic symbol of modern Taiwan. This ultra-modern skyscraper stands 1,671 feet tall and is home to some of the world’s most advanced engineering and architecture. Visitors can take the elevator up to the observatory deck for stunning views of the city below. On the ground floor is an upscale shopping center with designer labels, high-end restaurants and specialty stores.

National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum houses one of the world’s largest collections of Chinese art and artifacts. Spanning over 6,000 years of Chinese history, there are over 700,000 artifacts in this collection including ancient bronzes, jade carvings, ceramics and textiles. This museum also has several interactive exhibits that allow visitors to learn about Chinese culture and history first-hand.

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is one of Taipei’s most popular attractions and a must-visit for anyone looking to experience true Taiwanese street food culture. The market offers a wide variety of local snacks and delicacies from bubble tea to fried chicken to stinky tofu and much more! This market also offers shoppers a great selection of clothes, accessories, souvenirs and gadgets at bargain prices.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall is one of Taiwan’s most important historical sites. Built in memory of Chiang Kai Shek (the former president of Taiwan), this memorial hall is composed of two main halls – the main hall honoring Chiang Kai Shek himself and the second hall dedicated to those who lost their lives during World War II. In addition to being a place of remembrance, this memorial hall also features a park with modern sculptures as well as an auditorium where concerts are sometimes held.

Maokong Gondola

The Maokong Gondola is a popular tourist spot located near Taipei Zoo in Wenshan District in Taipei City. This gondola takes passengers on a scenic ride up mountainside tea plantations where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline below as well as experience some delicious local tea flavors! The gondola also stops at several stations along its route where passengers can disembark to explore various attractions such as temples or hiking trails.

Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou Hot Springs is an area located just outside downtown Taipei that has been designated as a natural park due to its many hot springs sources contained within it. Visitors can take advantage of these hot springs by bathing in the various public baths found around Beitou or by renting private rooms at several hotels located within the area for private spa treatments!

Yuanshan Park

Yuanshan Park is an urban park located in Xinyi District just outside downtown Taipei City. This park contains several ponds surrounded by lush greenery which makes it a great spot for relaxing strolls or romantic dates! There are also several cultural attractions located within Yuanshan Park such as art galleries, performing arts centers and historical sites that visitors can explore while they’re here!

Taipei Is Full Of Hidden Treasures

Taipei, Taiwan is a city filled with hidden treasures, from its unique culture and natural beauty to its vibrant nightlife and exciting night markets. The city is home to numerous historical sites, museums, parks and attractions that will keep visitors busy and entertained. Whether you’re looking for a cultural experience or a relaxing getaway, Taipei has something for everyone. With so many hidden gems to explore, visitors are sure to discover something new every time they visit this amazing city. From the National Palace Museum to the bustling Longshan Temple and the majestic Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei has something for everyone. With its unique combination of modernity and tradition, Taipei is an unforgettable destination that promises unforgettable experiences.

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