7 Celebs That Live in Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome, passionate pop culture connoisseurs and avid real estate enthusiasts! When you think of home to the stars, Hollywood or New York may first pop up in your mind. But let us take an unexpected detour from the well-trodden path and venture off to the charming city of Charleston, South Carolina. A hidden treasure, it’s not just famous for its historic sites and delectable southern cuisine, but in recent years it has claimed an entirely new kind of fame. Believe it or not, more and more celebrities are calling this Southern gem their home sweet home. Ready for a sneak peek into the surprisingly star-studded world of Charleston? Join us on this thrilling journey as we unveil the faces that make up the list of the 7 celebs savoring life in this classic city. Stay with us and you’ll be in for a treat!


You might be wondering why you should care about celebrities living in Charleston, South Carolina. As it turns out, that’s an excellent question! It’s not just the Southern charm or the picturesque cobblestone streets that make Charleston an iconic American city. This vibrant city has a lot more to offer; one of those things is its crowd of celebrities who call it home.

Why celebs in Charleston, you wonder? Well, Charleston has this particular blend of privacy and tranquility that often hooks our famous folks. Here, they can escape the constant gaze of paparazzi and fans that is typical of cities like Los Angeles or New York. They enjoy a semblance of normality in Charleston’s laid back style of living, just like the rest of us do.

Imagine strolling past centuries-old mansions, under the gnarly live oaks draped in Spanish moss, and bumping into your favorite celebrity enjoying the same view as you. It’s not just about inadvertent celebrity encounters; it’s about how their presence adds a dose of glitter and glamour to the overall personality of the city.

Step in and let’s voyage on this star-studded journey, where we uncover the famous faces you might just find walking the streets of this classic Southern city. Be it movie stars, musicians or TV personalities — some of these names may surprise you! Stay tuned as we reveal 7 Celebs That Live in Charleston, South Carolina.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray, an icon of comedy and a widely recognized face in Hollywood, now calls Charleston, South Carolina home. Having spent most of his career in bustling entertainment hubs such as Los Angeles and New York, Murray found a different pace of life in the charming southern city of Charleston.

The Illinois-born and bred comedian ended up in the “Holy City” after discovering Charleston during the filming of the cult-classic “The Miniseries” in the late ’90s. He quickly fell in love with the city’s unique blend of historical charm, lively culture, exquisite cuisine and, most importantly, the warm, welcoming charisma of its residents.

Leaving the glitz and glamour of Hollywood behind, Bill Murray purchased a home in Charleston in the early 2000s, making this his full-time residence. As he puts it, “Charleston is a city that makes you feel like you’re in the heart of everything, yet gives you the tranquility that comes with small-town living.”.

Murray’s appreciation of the city goes beyond just calling it home. He is often spotted at local baseball games, cheering for the Charleston Riverdogs, a team he co-owns. In addition to his love for baseball, Murray is known to enjoy the city’s world-renowned culinary scene, becoming a familiar face in many of the city’s restaurants.

He has even had memorable interactions with local residents. During one of his frequent visits to downtown Charleston’s eateries, he joined a bachelor party. In his usual good-natured style, he shared life advice and toasted the groom, a moment that has now become a part of Charleston folklore. This incident perfectly illustrates what the locals, and Murray himself, love about the city – its ability to foster unexpected, yet delightful encounters.

Living in Charleston, South Carolina, allows Bill Murray to “live in the moment,” a mantra he staunchly advocates for. Even though his decision to live in Charleston may seem unconventional given his star status, it’s the city’s commitment to preserving its history, friendly locals, and an atmosphere that encourages slowing down, that continues to charm this beloved comedian.

Stephen Colbert

When speaking of Celebs in Charleston, South Carolina, it’s impossible to overlook the iconic Stephen Colbert. Born and raised right here in Charleston, the renowned talk-show host holds this historic city close to his heart.

Colbert hails from Charleston’s elite James Island. Known for its stunning views and tranquil ambiance, it’s no wonder it shaped the down-to-earth nature of this comedic genius. Growing up in a large family of 11 children, the heartwarming chaos and camaraderie he experienced played a pivotal role in shaping his personality. It was this very upbringing that ultimately led him to delight millions through his entertainment career.

As a child, Colbert frequented the Dock Theatre in Downtown Charleston — a place he considers instrumental in igniting his love for performing arts. And it was here, in this very city, that he began building the foundations of his successful career.

Though he moved to Chicago in the mid-80s to study improv and later settled in New York City for his show, Colbert’s ties to Charleston have remained strong. Charleston, to him, isn’t just his birthplace — it’s where his heart truly belongs. In a poignant reflection on his hometown, Colbert once declared, “I love that town. I still have so many family members there, it is – it really is home to me.”

Despite being a national sensation, Colbert often visits Charleston, frequenting his old haunts and indulging in the city’s vibrant culture. He even took part in the Stephen Colbert Day at the Charleston RiverDogs game event, displaying his grounded personality and strong ties to his hometown.

The late-night television host is one of many celebs who are drawn to Charleston’s allure, choosing to call it home amidst its blend of Southern charm and cosmopolitan lifestyle. The attraction is clear – stunning landscapes, fantastic food, and friendly faces.

This connection to our celebs makes Charleston not just a city, but a star-studded home that continues to capture the hearts of many, including the charismatic Stephen Colbert.

Darius Rucker

Many might recognize the name Darius Rucker – the talented music artist renowned for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. But what might come as a surprise to some is that Rucker doesn’t just hold a penchant for melodies; he also holds a deep connection with the city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Born and raised in the heart of this city, Darius Rucker was no stranger to the melodic lullabies of the South. From the rhythmic drumming of the cobblestone streets, to the harmonious whispers of the marshland breeze, music was an inescapable part of Rucker’s early life. And in many ways, Charleston served as the stage for Ruckers to hone his incredible talent.

As a young boy, Rucker was fascinated by the tunes of soul legends and country singers alike. This diverse influence strongly formed his musical style that we know and love today. Starting from his college band, Hootie & the Blowfish, to his successful solo career, Charleston’s unique blend of cultures has been a continuous source of inspiration for the artist.

But Rucker’s connection with Charleston extends far beyond its contribution to his music. Charleston is where Rucker started his family, raised his children, and truly made a home. And throughout his successful career, this connection with his hometown never wavered, despite the call of fame and fortune elsewhere.

In fact, Rucker’s commitment to his community has remained steadfast. He consistently gives back to Charleston through various philanthropic efforts, such as annual charity events and generous donations. His efforts helped fund local children’s hospitals, education initiatives, and housing projects.

A notable aspect of Rucker’s love for Charleston is his advocacy for preserving the city’s historic charm and natural beauty. He is a vocal supporter of local conservation efforts and has shown consistent concern about the impact of rapid urban development on the city’s unique aesthetics.

From his music to his philanthropy and conservation efforts, Rucker’s connection to Charleston runs deep and personal. The city is not just the birthplace of this star; it’s the backbone that supports his art, his values, and his life. In a way, Darius Rucker is the embodiment of Charleston – it’s history, culture, and future molded into one influential figure.

Thomas Ravenel

If you’re familiar with the hit reality TV show ‘Southern Charm’, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Thomas Ravenel, one of its standout stars. But did you know he’s another celebrity with a deep-set, affectionate connection to Charleston, South Carolina?

Ravenel’s relationship with this city isn’t merely transient. His rich history and evident affection for Charleston are palpable, making him a true native in the most genuine sense. Born and raised in Charleston, he’s not just a celebrity import creating a temporary buzz, but a true-blue local.

Thomas’ love affair with South Carolina’s oldest city goes beyond its picturesque waterfronts and historical streets. His bond is steep, deeply embedded in the land and people, and the Southern charm that this city exudes. With his ancestry predating the Revolutionary War, the Ravenel Bridge, a landmark suspension bridge across the Cooper River, serves as a testament to his family’s long-standing legacy in the city.

Private life aside, professionally Ravenel has tied his destiny with Charleston too. He began his career in the commercial real estate business in South Carolina. His political ambitions led him to serve as the South Carolina State Treasurer in 2007. Although his tenure was short-lived, it added to his undying connection with his home state and city.

Beyond his professional endeavors, his heartfelt participation in ‘Southern Charm‘, which features the southern elite’s lives in Charleston, further solidifies his indelible marks on the city’s popular culture. Although controversial at times, he remains a central figure and adds a dose of intrigue and authenticity to the drama series, making it more relatable for the Charleston viewers.

Like a true son of the soil, Ravenel’s prominence and Charleston’s influence go hand-in-hand, informing and shaping each other. His place on the list of ‘7 Celebs That Live in Charleston, South Carolina‘ is secure. He’s not just a celebrity dwelling in an exquisite city, but a living embodiment of Charleston’s heart and soul.

Jennifer Snowden

Jennifer Snowden, the radiant star of ‘Southern Charm’, shines just as bright in her home city as she does on the small screen. A known face in reality TV circles, Snowden has established herself firmly in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina, enriching the city’s charm with her love for the region.

Known for her captivating and humble persona, Snowden’s journey to settling down in Charleston wasn’t accidental. As we dive into her backstory, it’s evident that her love for the city and the simpler things in life played a critical role.

Born and raised in Charleston, Jennifer Snowden‘s bond with the city goes beyond the surface level. The city, with its beautiful coastal scenery and warm-hearted residents, encapsulates a quaint sense of southern charm that won over Snowden’s heart. In many ways, it’s the perfect reflection of her – the amalgamation of refined elegance and raw, straightforward honesty.

She appreciated the city’s laid-back vibe, embodied in its weather-beaten cobblestone walkways, moss-draped oaks, and pastel-hued historic homes. It was these elements — these pocket-sized extracts of Southern Americana — that drew Snowden to make Charleston her forever home.

Living in Charleston isn’t just about the aesthetics for Snowden. It’s about coming home, both physically and emotionally. Her love for the city was put to test a few years ago when the star had offers to move to more glamorous and paparazzi-friendly cities. But for her, it was not about the flashy life under neon lights or the paparazzi’s constant attention. It was about cherishing the love for her hometown, its history, the soul of the city, and its people.

There’s an undeniable attachment between Snowden and Charleston – a depth of connectivity often paralleled with the bond between a mother and a child. Today, she celebrates her choice of living in Charleston. For her it’s more than just a location, it’s a lifestyle, an emotion, and a history that defines her as a person.

Deep down, one could say Jennifer Snowden simply followed her heart, a heart that beats with love for the charm and elegance of her hometown, Charleston. As each Southern Charm season unfolds, so does her commitment and love for the city, reminding us that true belonging means being at one with where your heart finds peace. And for Jennifer Snowden, that will always be Charleston.

Patricia Altschul

Charleston, South Carolina is a haven for celebrities that value serenity, culture and enchantingly scenic landscapes. Patricia Altschul, the matriarch of ‘Southern Charm,’ is one of these famous celebs ingrained in the city’s social tapestry. With her penchant for class and affluence, Altschul’s life is as vibrant as Charleston itself.

Patricia has a strong and indisputable presence in the Charlestown social scene, a trait that is synonymous with her personality on the much-loved Bravo TV reality show, ‘Southern Charm.’ Behind the scenes, however, she leads an equally intriguing lifestyle.

Having migrated to Charleston from the fast-paced world of New York City, Patricia truly identifies with the tranquillity and Southern elegance of her adopted city. She resides in the historical Isaac Jenkins Mikell House, one of Charleston’s most magnificent and respected landmarks. This Greek revival mansion exemplifies opulence, just like the lady of the house herself.

Whether it’s hosting lavish parties or spending quality time with her beloved pug, Chauncey, Patricia’s life is the epitome of Southern grandeur– the lush gardens, the age-old architectural grandeur of her home, and the old-world southern charm that still lingers around.

“Dinner parties are a specialty in the Altschul’s residence,” one could often hear in Charleston’s social gatherings. Known to throw some of the most dazzling soirees, Patricia’s parties encapsulate the cultural richness of Charleston. Notable personalities from the city and beyond are frequently spotted at these events, adding another layer of glitz to her persona in Charleston’s high society.

Altschul’s beloved pug, Chauncey, also plays a significant part in her life, often accompanying her to various events around town. Just as Patricia does, Chauncey also boasts a fair share of fans in Charleston!

Despite being a celeb and living a lifestyle that many might envy, Patricia Altschul retains her love and respect for Charleston’s traditions, its genteel southern hospitality, and its unique blend of old and new world experiences.

Shep Rose

So, let’s dive right in and talk about Shep Rose, the lovable star of reality television show, *Southern Charm*. This Charleston, South Carolina resident has captured our hearts with his laid-back vibes and Southern charm.

Shep Rose hails from Hilton Head, South Carolina, but he has since made Charleston his home. This city, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, is more than just a filming location for Southern Charm — it’s where Shep embraces his entrepreneurial spirits.

Far from just a reality TV star, Shep has also channeled his energy into business ventures in and around Charleston. From investing in restaurants to creating his own clothing line called ‘Shep Gear’, he’s immersed himself in the local industry.

His most renowned venture is probably The Palace Hotel, a funky and eclectic bar set in a revamped 19th-century building in downtown Charleston. Here, locals and visitors alike can experience a taste of Shep’s warm and inviting personality. *”My goal was to create a place where people can unwind and enjoy good company,”* quotes Shep during one of his interviews.

Though Shep isn’t a Charleston native, he’s embraced the city with open arms. He is often seen exploring the coastlines, strolling through the vibrant streets, and tasting the local cuisine – proving that Charleston is indeed a vibrant and welcoming city that even celebrities can’t resist.

Furthermore, Shep Rose showing his affection for Charleston underscores the city’s appeal. It’s an affirmation of Charleston as a place filled with charm, grace, and a warm Southern welcome; a city that loves and breathes spirit and is loved by even its most high-profile residents. Shep doesn’t just live in Charleston — he thrives there. He’s a testament to the city’s charm and potential, living proof that Charleston, South Carolina, is a place where people can bloom and grow, celebrity or not.


Charleston, South Carolina, frequently tops the charts as one of the most enchanting cities in America. It’s a city oozing with rich history, classical architecture, and a vibrant cultural scene. But did you know it’s also home to several high-profile personalities or celebrities? Yes, that’s right!

You might be wondering, “Who are these celebrities living in Charleston?” Here are a few that stand out in the crowd:

Bill Murray, the legendary actor from iconic films like Ghostbusters or Lost in Translation, resides in the city. He’s notoriously known for actively participating in local events and owns a part of the minor league baseball team, the Charleston RiverDogs.

Thomas Ravenel, a landmark personality as a former state politician and one of the stars from ‘Southern Charm,’ a reality TV show based in Charleston, lives here. He has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the community through his involvement in politics and entertainment.

Stephen Colbert, famous for his late-night show, spent a significant part of his childhood in Charleston and often visits his hometown, bringing more recognition to this charming city.

You may also ask, “Why do these celebrities choose to live in Charleston?” It’s the city’s aura, the sultry southern hospitality, combined with delectable food and the scenic beauty of the place—a perfect blend of everything their heart seeks.

Another common question is, “How have these celebrities impacted Charleston’s community?” As it turns out, these celebrities often engage in local activities, events, and philanthropic causes which benefit this historical city and enrich its cultural heritage.

On shows or interviews, when they mention Charleston, it brings the city into the spotlight, increasing tourism and helping the local economy. Famous personalities like Darius Rucker, a country star born and bred in Charleston, not only add glamor to this place but also have quickened the city’s growth with the attention they garner.

So, if you plan on visiting Charleston, it’s not just the cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and historic buildings that might captivate you. Who knows, you might even run into one of these famous personalities, giving you a star-struck moment to cherish!

That’s Charleston for you—a city with a historical charm and a celeb appeal. So, the next time you think of Charleston, remember that it’s not just the historical landmarks that assemble its charm, it’s also the stardom residing within breathing life into this city.

Why do celebrities choose to live in Charleston?

Charleston, South Carolina, has been increasingly catching the eye of many Hollywood stars, making it referred to as “Charlestonwood” in some quarters. Now, you may wonder, why do these celebrities choose to live in Charleston?

Charleston offers celebrities a beautiful blend of serenity and culture. The city is small enough to offer a sense of community, yet large enough to host various cultural, art, and music events. Celebrities love to maintain an active social life, and Charleston provides them with just the right vibe. Its thriving art scene, music festivals, and historic theaters like the Dock Street Theatre provide ample opportunities for celebs to stay engaged and entertained.

Moreover, Charleston’s impressive Southern architecture and historic charm are hard to resist. With preserved buildings and charming streets, it’s like stepping back in time. The centuries-old oak trees, the famous Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, and the iconic Charleston Harbor paint a picture of relaxed luxury that celebrities crave.

Not to forget, the culinary scene in Charleston is world-renowned. It’s a foodie’s haven, with top-notch restaurants and casual eateries, offering a wide variety of cuisines with the warm and welcoming hospitality Charleston is known for.

The city’s balance of lifestyle, culture, and privacy is, indeed, very attractive to celebrities. Being a famous figure often implies living under the constant scrutiny of the media. Charleston allows them to escape the paparazzi-dominated bustle of cities like LA and NY, providing a quiet sanctuary where they can let their hair down and live an unfiltered life.

Adding to these benefits are the breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches, which give celebrities the option to engage in outdoor adventures and water sports, or just enjoy a peaceful day at the beach.

The people of Charleston are fairly accustomed to rubbing shoulders with celebs, which gives these stars a sense of normalcy in their lives. They can enjoy a cup of coffee at a local cafe or shop at the local grocery store without becoming headline news.

Charleston’s unique blend of southern charm, calmness, and rich history lures celebrities away from the spotlight’s glare, giving them a refreshing taste of a relaxed, more grounded lifestyle.

How do these celebrities contribute to the Charleston community?

When you think about the city of Charleston, South Carolina, images of magnificent antebellum houses, smooth jazz tunes, and aromatic Southern delicacies might be your immediate thoughts. But, did you know that Charleston also boasts quite a roster of celebrity residents? These high-profile inhabitants are not only known for their tremendous careers but also the significant ways they contribute to the Charleston community, making it one of the most sought-after celebrity residence site.

Take Bill Murray for instance, everyone’s favorite “Ghostbuster.” Known for his spontaneous public appearances around town, Murray co-owns the Charleston RiverDogs, the local minor league baseball team. He’s dedicated substantial effort in enhancing fan experiences and bringing national attention to the local sports team. Plus, he regularly invests in local restaurants and participates in community events, making him a prominent figure in Charleston’s social scene.

Similarly renowned for giving back is television host and comedian, Stephen Colbert. A native Carolinian, Colbert has performed significant charitable work around the city. Notably, he funded every existing grant request made by South Carolina public school teachers on a crowd-funding site in 2015, providing for local education relief.

Danny McBride, known from his ‘Eastbound and Down’ days, is a fan of Charleston’s film industry. He has filmed multiple TV shows in the area, fostering local talent and providing jobs. McBride’s production company, Rough House Pictures, is even based in the city.

Darius Rucker, Charleston native and country music singer, hosts an annual fundraiser concert in Charleston for “MUSC Children’s Hospital”, raising millions for pediatric care. As he once said, *”There is nothing more fulfilling than to have the opportunity to give back to the community that I was raised in.”*

Actress Andie MacDowell, interior designer Jennifer Ferrell, and HGTV’s Alix Felsing also contribute greatly to Charleston’s arty vibe. They consistently utilize local talent in their initiatives and stress the importance of supporting local businesses.

These celebrities actively take steps to give back to their community, thereby embodying the heart and soul of Charleston, South Carolina.